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Geno Prussakov on February 28th, 2009

I have had a Twitter chat with an online marketer who is working for a software company. The company she works for builds custom software. Great company, quality products. Everything started with my Twitter message to her: “Does your company have an affiliate program? You may want to start one for it.” The rest of […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 27th, 2009

I have been using Twitter to keep in touch with affiliates and other online marketers, to share knowledge and learn from others, as well to post stuff about my personal life. At one point, however, I have realized that some affiliate marketers that I work with may not be interested in the pictures of my […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 26th, 2009

Yesterday, a friend and a known advocate of the affiliate marketing industry, Melanie Seery, posted an alert about California considering a sales tax similar to the one that got passed in New York last year. Melanie wrote: California Affiliates had better get prepared, California Assembly Bill 178, co-authored by Charles Calderon (D) and Nancy Skinner […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 25th, 2009

>>> See the Affiliate Marketing Conferences – 2010 list here Ayako Bingham of buy.at (aka @ayakobing on Twitter) has posted the following tweet: I looked around, and couldn’t find any. So I decided to compile a list of all 2009 affiliate marketing conferences, conventions, and symposiums that I know of. Here we go: 2009 Affiliate […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 24th, 2009

Yesterday Seth Godin put together a blog post — “Is Marketing Evil?” — where he argued that marketing is still alive and kicking, and skilled marketers can still “cause people to buy something that they wouldn’t have bought without marketing, vote for someone they might not have considered and support an organization that would have […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 23rd, 2009

I am tired of seeing the affiliate marketing industry being misrepresented as just another one of those get-rich-quick schemes! Hundreds, if not thousands, of websites are full of promises of helping you turn in a quick buck if only you buy their eBook or, even, join their affiliate program. Twitter is also full of tweets […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 22nd, 2009

The first American to win the Nobel Prize was Theodore Roosevelt. He was awarded this prestigious prize in 1906 for his instrumental participation in the diplomatic negotiations that preceded the peace Treaty of Portsmouth after one of the most pitiful Russian wars — the one against Japan in 1904-05. The problem at the core of […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 21st, 2009

Earlier today I was writing a paper on dealing with resistance to change in organizations, and it struck me that effective coping with resistance to change almost entirely depends on our understanding of the very essence of resistance. Many of us, who try to change things in our companies, or even industries, lack patience to […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 20th, 2009

I wanted to provide this information for a total of eight affiliate networks, but two have never responded. I have included their names in the table, and will add their information if/when it becomes available. I compared the more traditional networks, and have not included any of the sub-affiliate ones here (read about the differences […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 19th, 2009

Cookie stuffing, cookie dropping, forced clicks, or cookie sprinkling is a blackhat marketing method used by affiliates to record tracking cookies on the end user’s machine, without the prior consent of the user, and with the purpose of creating an impression that the customer/user referral is to be attributed to the blackhat affiliate’s marketing. Looking […]

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