February 2012 - Affiliate Marketing Blog by Geno Prussakov
Geno Prussakov on February 29th, 2012

Two days ago, a famous affiliate abuse and click fraud detective Ben Edelman (see my recent Econsultancy interview with him here), has revealed some alarming data onĀ “hack-based cookie-stuffing” by rogue affiliates via a fairly new Bannertracker-script at online forums based on vBulletin (versions 4.x to 4.1.2). Here’s an abstract from his article: Perpetrators using server […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 28th, 2012

In case you have not heard, less than 2 days from now (on March 1, 2012) Google’s new unified privacy policy — which allows them to harvest your personalized search and browsing information tying it to your Google accounts (including Gmail, YouTube, etc) — takes effect. Not everyone’s happy about it. The lawyers at the […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 23rd, 2012

If you’ve been to Affiliate Summits, you know that as you enter the room to attend any session (be it a keynote presentation, a breakout session, or an “Ask the Experts” one), you are handed a feedback form. I love the way they’re encouraging people to participate in the betterment of the event by providing […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 21st, 2012

In the course of the past 5-7 days the question that I was asked more often than any other was: What is the size of affiliate marketing industry? While there is no one place which answers this one, there are hints and bits of information all around the place, and I’ve decided to gather all […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 15th, 2012

Starting from the beginning of this month a “What I Really Do” meme has been going around (spread especially actively via Facebook), reflecting “a range of preconceptions associated with” various fields of “occupation or expertise” — from photographers and graphic designers to directors and entrepreneurs [more here]. So I’ve decided to put one together for […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 14th, 2012

Every single day I get emails with questions related to affiliate program management. Some folks are looking for a free advice, while others are willing to pay for it. Whichever group you fall into, this post should help, as today I’d like to bring you both free ways to get this advice, and a few […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 9th, 2012

It seems like it has been only yesterday that I broke the news of the first-ever affiliate management conference being planned… We’ve gone a long way since that first announcement. The agenda is packed with great educational sessions from 28 speakers, including such affiliate marketing legends as Todd Crawford, Kim Rowley, Sam Harrelson, Karen Garcia, […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 6th, 2012

As you may have read elsewhere my recently-published Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day has been nominated for Small Business Book Awards 2012 — in the Marketing category. This is the fourth year that these awards are being run by Small Business Trends. Here’s how they themselves describe the awards: …Reader’s Choice “Small Business […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 2nd, 2012

Between numerous affiliate marketing blogs, podcasts, forums and magazine publications, there certainly is no lack of online affiliate marketing education out there. However, when it comes to structured (or even face-to-face) learning, the real opportunities aren’t that many. Today I’d like to bring you seven that deserve attention. Whether we talk about foundational learning and […]

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