October 2013 - Affiliate Marketing Blog by Geno Prussakov
Geno Prussakov on October 30th, 2013

Earlier this month an interesting email came to me from an advertiser whose affiliate program we started a few months ago (edit: on an affiliate network). Here’s the gist of it (with parts of the text re-worded to hide sensitive information): Recently, both of our main websites got hit by Google Penguin update due to […]

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Geno Prussakov on October 23rd, 2013

I have recently learned of an interesting solution for affiliate marketers that work with worldwide traffic, and are interested in routing their visitors to country-specific storefronts of the same merchant. This particular tool allows them to do it with a single “globally-aware” affiliate link. The solution has been invented by a Seattle-based company called GeoRiot. […]

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Geno Prussakov on October 17th, 2013

Interestingly enough, in late 2011 when blogging about “affiliate manager education in San Francisco in March” (implying the first Affiliate Management Days) Affiliate Summit’s Shawn Collins (coincidentally) antedated what is going to happen in early Spring of 2014. As you may have already heard, in March of 2014 (just like in 2012), the fifth Affiliate […]

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Geno Prussakov on October 15th, 2013

Last month Cynthia of Marketing Pilgrim urged us to get ready for the 2013 “holiday shopping season” to start sooner and be shorter (25 days versus 31 in 2012). Yahoo! picked up the topic, reminding us of the key shopping dates, again comparing 2013 to 2012. Well… last year “some retailers started launching their holiday […]

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Geno Prussakov on October 10th, 2013

Encouraging advertisers to treat their affiliate marketing programs appropriately I’ve always said: “They are serious marketing campaigns and must be treated with all seriousness.” To prove affiliate marketing’s “seriousness” a good starting point would be an analysis of the ROI it yields. Yesterday my “in UK affiliate marketing’s ROI is £11 to every £1 spent” […]

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Today’s major industry news comes from Russia. The country’s largest and most popular search engine Yandex (which is by far more popular than Google there) is transforming its product-search service Yandex.Market to encompass a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) model. Until today Yandex.Market was operating solely on Cost-Per-Click (CPC) basis. The new CPA model is already available for […]

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Graham Jenner on October 7th, 2013

Education is an important part of any professional’s personal improvement. In an area as diverse as digital marketing, it is important to keep up to date and look at how you can apply new (or sometimes old) ideas and methodologies to current problems. I also think once you have learnt something new you should try […]

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If you are looking for new customers, affiliate marketing is one of the most cost-efficient ways to land these. Whether you are looking for sales, leads, calls, subscriptions, downloads, free trial requests, or anything else… B2C or B2B… you must look into promoting your business via an affiliate marketing program. Earlier this year, gearing things more […]

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