April 2014 - Affiliate Marketing Blog by Geno Prussakov
Geno Prussakov on April 28th, 2014

My Washington, DC – Los Angeles plane takes off just a few hours from now. Tomorrow I am starting to record a video course aimed at aspiring affiliate marketers. The training material will be comprised of more than 20 videos and the course will be offered through Lynda.com. If you are not familiar with this […]

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Geno Prussakov on April 21st, 2014

When opening up Affiliate Management Days San Francisco 2014 I said: “It seems like it was only yesterday that I said ‘Welcome to the first-ever Affiliate Management Days conference!’ but time flies, and I’m excited to welcome you to our fifth show already!!” The fifth AM Days conference has come and gone last month, but […]

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Half an hour ago Skimlinks, a technology provider used by thousands of website owners for monetization of their online properties, unveiled their new Skimlinks Editor. The new version is said to feature the “world’s first intelligent linking technology.” To dig a little deeper into what it is and how it works, I’ve connected with the […]

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A recent Nielsen study, commissioned by inPowered, sought to shed light on “the role of content in the consumer decision making process.” Over a period of two months, they conducted in-person controlled lab tests where 900 respondents participated in online surveys. To measure the impact of online content on the respondents the latter had to […]

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