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Geno Prussakov on August 26th, 2013

Much has been happening in the affiliate marketing world lately. Even though August 2013 isn’t over yet, I think it is safe to presuppose that the below 7 news are definitely the ones that you do not want to miss. So, here they are in chronological order: 1. Affiliate Marketing Book Becomes E-Commerce Bestseller On […]

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Yesterday afternoon the Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association (PMA), Rebecca Madigan, has emailed out an important “PMA Alert.” Right at the outset of it she got to the key point, writing: In a dramatic move, Amazon and Overstock have filed an application to petition the US Supreme Court to hear their case against […]

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The summer of 2013 isn’t even at its equator, but we already have sad news from as many as three new states. The newest ones that have passed affiliate nexus tax laws or shall we christen them “The Three Ms”? are Missouri [less than a week ago], Maine [more here], and Minnesota [read this] — […]

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Geno Prussakov on April 22nd, 2013

If you have not been following the affiliate nexus tax much, this SmallBizTrends article of mine may be a good place to start. Earlier this afternoon I received an email from Rebecca Madigan, the Executive Director at Performance Marketing Association which read: If you’re as crazy about the Affiliate Nexus Tax debate as we are, […]

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Geno Prussakov on March 15th, 2013

I realize that the week isn’t over yet, but the chances of anything more significant than the below three happening in the remaining hours of the working day are slim enough for me to highlight these three as the most notable news of the week (note that the below order is merely chronological): 1. FTC […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 15th, 2013

Currently, nine states have affiliate nexus tax (or as some call them “Amazon tax”) laws in place. These are: Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. In addition to these, numerous other states (like Indiana, Florida, Minnesota, etc) are considering going the similar route. Basically, these laws prescribe for […]

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Geno Prussakov on February 6th, 2013

In the course of this week, two states have already made moves towards jumping on the “affiliate nexus tax” bandwagon, joining the nine which have ratified such laws in the past few years. Indiana (news of February 4, 2013): and other online-only retailers would have to start collecting Indiana’s 7 percent sales tax this […]

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Geno Prussakov on January 31st, 2013

A recent BrandVerity’s Tweet sparked an intersting discussion. In case you’ve missed it, here it is: Since some may require definition of several key terms used above, here’s all you need to know here: Affiliate nexus tax — state-specific sales tax imposed on sales by in-state affiliate marketers to in-state customers [more here]. Geo-targeting — […]

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Geno Prussakov on January 25th, 2013

In case you have missed it, two days ago The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has published an interesting piece on Amazon and Georgia affiliate nexus tax. Here’s an excerpt from it: Georgia shoppers at Amazon still aren’t paying sales tax, three weeks after the start of a state law designed to snag the money from the world’s […]

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Geno Prussakov on April 11th, 2012

After last week’s good news from Colorado, an excellent one came from Maryland yesterday — “The Maryland legislature passed the budget last night, and the legislative session closed – without passing the affiliate nexus tax bill!” [more here] Between these recent news and working on an article on the subject for the Summer 2012 issue […]

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