Stockholm, Here I am Again!

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It’s great to be back in Stockholm, Sweden again!

After speaking at the eMetrics Summit here back a month ago, we have now arrived here (myself, my wife and little Princess that has just turned four) for me to speak at the Internet Marketing Conference. It will be a privilege speaking at the conference tomorrow. Affiliate marketing is in desperate need of being popularized among Internet marketers and online retailers (after all, around 75% of online business do not run any affiliate operations now!) and it is certainly good to be here for this purpose.

One thought on “Stockholm, Here I am Again!

  1. I was in discussions with an operator of a knife sharpener business which he runs as a retired chef. He is very passionate about his craft which includes knowing the right technique with the right tool to keep knives sharp. He writes articles for a regional magazine and attends trade shows to attract customers.

    I mentioned about affiliate programs since I had recently entered into one as a publisher. He said he had been thinking about the idea. He is a very small operator with very little presence on the Internet. Do you think this is a good candidate for offering an affiliate program as an advertiser?

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