Incentive or Loyalty Affiliates – Definition and Specifics

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Many merchants and affiliate program managers do not know what incentive affiliates (aka loyalty affiliates) are. This, in some cases, results in low quality affiliate program performance, whereas in others, ignorance regarding the essence of incentive affiliate marketing may bring about unwanted customer activity. Incentive/loyalty affiliates are affiliates that facilitate the desired end-user action by Read More …

AffStat 2009 Affiliate Marketing Survey

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In addition to the Affiliate Census that is currently being held by eConsultancy, there is another industry survey being run at this time — the AffStat Affiliate Marketing Report. During the previous years, AffStat reports focused on affiliate programs, and surveyed affiliate program managers. The 2009 AffStat survey is different. It “is focused on affiliates” Read More … or How Affiliate Marketing Gets Hurt

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Let me start with a story, a true story. I hosted a table at the last Affiliate Summit’s Meet Market. Meet Markets are networking events held for the purpose of affiliates, merchants, affiliate networks, outsourced affiliate program managers, and other agencies to “meet-and-greet” each other during the first day of the conference. At one point Read More …

Will IE8 InPrivate Browsing Hurt Affiliate Marketing?

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There have been questions coming from affiliates regarding the new Internet Explorer’s ( IE8 ) InPrivate Browsing function and its possible negative effect on affiliate marketing. InPrivate Browsing essentially allows the web user to surf the web in the “incognito mode” or leaving no entries in the browser history, no cookies, and no cached files. Read More …

Pound Sinks, Britain on Edge of Bankruptcy. Time to Recruit UK Affiliates

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Two days ago the Telegraph has proclaimed Britain to reach the “edge of bankruptcy.” Today the Sterling has dropped to its 23-year low vs dollar, and the exchange rate had dipped to: 1 British Pound (GBP) = 1.35 US Dollar (USD). With the crisis hitting Europe (and especially the UK) so badly now, it is Read More …