Affiliate Census 2009 – Deadline is Tomorrow

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Just to remind you all, eConsultancy is looking for affiliates to participate in their Affiliate Census report for 2009, and the cut off date is tomorrow (27 January 2009)

Being a UK company, last year they focused solely on the UK affiliates. This year they are also covering the US market, and this is definitely good to see. You may read more about the Affiliate Census 2009 at the AffiliateProgramAdvice blog. Here are the links to the surveys:

Keep in mind that the deadline is tomorrow. Don’t procrastinate! Participate today.

4 thoughts on “Affiliate Census 2009 – Deadline is Tomorrow

  1. Thanks Geno :0)
    Just to let you know that the US Affiliate survey/Census has had the deadline extended until this Friday 30th January.
    I can confirm, the UK Affiliate Census is rocking. The US Census is now only gathering pace, so the decision was made to give the US a bit more time
    Many thanks – Jessica :0)

  2. I want to be involved with US Census and to no availe phone tag is where I am at. Last recording given (702)750-3430 again message

    Please advise…

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