Zebra-Striped Life or My Black and White Birthday

Some people say that our lives are back and white like zebras: the black stripes symbolize the down times of our lives, while the white ones stand for the happy times. I tend to agree, but today has been a different kind of day… Like many of my readers know, today is my birthday, and it also turned out to be black and white; but black and white in a different way. My morning started from opening my window curtains, and seeing that the landscape around my house turned white overnight! Everything was covered in snow, which is pretty unusual for the part of Virginia we live in (it was the first, and probably the last time it happened here this winter).

Being a Russian born in winter I simply love snow, and my day has certainly started right!

When I came to the kitchen, my wife and daughter were waiting for me there, and they made beautiful birthday cake for me — a chocolate-chocolate one (and the only thing I love more than snow is, of course, chocolate!):

There was my black stripe. But it sure was a good one!

The next white one was the receipt of 64 birthday wishes via social media (5 on Twitter, 21 on Facebook, and 38 on ABestWeb)!! Wow! Another reason to believe in social media!

Finally, my little five year old daughter and my wife made a beautiful snow lady for me outside

Ain’t she beautiful?

Yes, my birthday turned out to be as black and white as a zebra too, but no one bad black stripe there. All good. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Zebra-Striped Life or My Black and White Birthday”

  1. I love this cake. My son’s B-day is Monday the 15th of June and I would like to bake a cake for him this year. He is going to be 4 yrs and he loves chocolate

  2. Thank you, yalice. I am crazy about chocolate. Happy upcoming 4th birthday to your son (my daughter is five and a half), and best luck with that cake! 🙂

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