Prioritize, But Stay Disciplined and Focused

Today I took my wife and daughter for a museum trip. We went to the National Museum of the Marine Corps which is located by the USMC Base Quantico (a short drive away from our house). We love visiting museums in the area, but this one was a very different kind of museum. My daughter did not enjoy it much, but I loved it!

One thing that this museum visit refreshed in my mind was the importance of discipline, which is instilled in Marines from the very first day of service. Most of us can do a fairly good job prioritizing (which, I believe to be step #1 in effective time management), and developing a plan of action. The problems start at the next phrase, or when the strategy, or plans, start being implemented. It is easy to get overwhelmed by everything that is going on around us, and get sidetracked from the charted route.

I talk a lot about the differences between leadership and management. Stephen R. Covey said that “effective leadership is putting first things first,” whereas “effective management is discipline” in carrying the plan out. The choice is really not either one, or the other, but it has to be both.., and… — a sound synergy of  both leadership, and management (both prioritization, and discipline) is what leads to success. Jim Rohn’s metaphoric definition of discipline as “the bridge between goals and accomplishment” is right on the money!

I just love weekends when simple and profound truths get refreshed in my mind, and re-charge me for new week ahead. This Saturday has been one of such days.

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