I Am Proud of My Daughter

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Many of you know that I am, but today has been a truly special day. She has learned to swim! It is a very special day for me, because I myself have been swimming competitively for close to 15 years, and learned to swim when I was just about her age.

Upon returning home, she went to her room, and started packing her little purple Dora backpack. Tomorrow is her first day of preschool. She needs to learn English well before starting kindergarten next year. This is going to be her first time in an American preschool (new language, new place, new people), but it seems that I am more nervous that she is. She is calm, and serious…

I am just so proud of my little Princess! I am so blessed to have her!!

3 thoughts on “I Am Proud of My Daughter

  1. Hi Geno – I hope preschool went well for your princess today and that you didn’t spend the whole day being nervous and stressed. They certainly grow up fast. I remember when I learned to swim, you couldn’t keep me out of the water. Fun times indeed…

  2. Yes, msladybug, the first day of preschool went great, and she loved it! Tomorrow she is going on her first field trip ever (in a real school bus with 50 other kids), and she is excited about it. So are we!

    She is also very much looking forward to going to the pool tomorrow evening. She has this belief that it’s her goggles that are holding her up when swimming. I’ve tried to explain that it is really her swimming by herself, but she won the argument (by tears), and I concurred. Gotta remember to take those magic goggles with us tomorrow!

    BTW, I have forgotten to mention that she also takes excellent pictures. See one here.

  3. Well, she will soon have photography mastered in no time. She did a very good job. I love the magic goggles theory and I’ve got to get me a pair of those. I haven’t been swimming in awhile and might just need a pair. Glad to hear her first preschool day went well and that she’s so excited about the first field trip (in a real school bus). It’s certainly nice to take a break from Affiliate Marketing and see what else is going on in the world. I enjoy these types of posts in your blog, keep them coming…

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