Six-Hour Drive And We’re In Myrtle Beach

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After a six-hour drive (and a pleasant stop in North Carolina) we have arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC! I’ve been worried about the weather ever since the date I booked our room here — this trip is a Mother’s Day gift for my wife, who loves traveling, beaches, oysters, etc — but it’s not too bad at all, and it looks like we’re gonna have a beautiful day tomorrow:

Not too bad (especially considering the non-stop rains we have been getting across the Carolinas and Virginia over the past 10 days or so).

The water temperature is also great:

Off to explore Myrtle now (ranked by Yahoo! Travel one of the “Top 10 Places for Families to Visit in the US” in 2008, and the “World’s Best Beach” in 2007)! Wishing everyone a great weekend too.

2 thoughts on “Six-Hour Drive And We’re In Myrtle Beach

  1. I was supposed to head over to Myrtle Beach this weekend to check out the bike week, but I have decided to stay home and work on my school project. I have never been there before and I’d love to check it out sometime soon!

  2. Ayako,

    We’ve returned from Myrtle this afternoon. Quite a drive, but it was worth it! Yes, I saw quite a few bikers all around town. Are you one?

    If you ever decide to go, ask me how to book a villa worth $350 for $63 😉

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