Three Hours and I’ll Be In The Air

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Today my post is going to be very different from regular posts. And this is because this day is going to be very different from my regular days. I don’t fly over the Atlantic as often as I used to, and we (my daughter, wife, and myself) are flying to St. Petersburg, Russia today (two flights: 8 hours first, 3 hours second). First time in 8 months. Grandparents are going to be happy to see their only grandchild. 🙂

It has been a busy week for me and when the plane takes off some people will start reading, others drinking (to deal with aviophobia?), but I will try to get some sleep.

Whatever you’re planning on doing over your weekend, I hope you will have fun! Enjoy it, and spend it with your loved ones too.

8 thoughts on “Three Hours and I’ll Be In The Air

  1. I hope you will have a nice travel, hassle free, have a good rest, Good sleep:)) and enjoy your time with your close and extended family!!!Please say Hi to your mom from me and my mom. Natasha.

  2. Thank you, Natasha. I doubt that I will see your mother when I visit Kishinev for 2.5 days in the beginning of July, but I will definitely pass your regards to mine.

    Quick update: we have arrived safe and well. Took us over 22 hours of travel (from the time we stepped out of our front door in Virginia to the moment we opened our apartment’s door in St. Pete). It’s been a good, but definitely a tiring trip. Thanks God no suitcases were lost this time, the Princess handled it all extremely well, and got some time to watch movies and read on the plane. Couldn’t get any sleep though. Better get some good rest tonight.

  3. Geno,
    Hey what dates are you going to be in Moldova? I will be there July 4th through 17th, would love to see you and get to meet your wife and daughter. Let me know. Have a safe trip.

  4. Val,

    We’re flying in on July 2, and flying out on July 5. Just me and my daughter. Short trip to see grandparents (my parents). E-mail me. Maybe we’ll find mutually agreeable time to meet on the 5th. If not, we should be driving NC some time around August-September.

  5. I did not know it takes only 11 hrs to get to St. Petersburg. My trip to my hometown this July will take 22 hrs all together, but it is well worth it for my kids to be spoiled by grandparents. I hope you are having a great time and take lots of pictures!

  6. We’re already having a blast, Ayako. No, St. Petersburg, Russia is not as far from the U.S. East Coast as Japan is. So, I guess, we’re lucky.

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