My Five-Day Road/Air Trip

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Everyone’s doing road trips/shows lately. So I have decided to go on one too. Leaving today. Here’s my schedule:

07/19 – Flying from St. Peterburg, Russia to Düsseldorf, Germany
07/20 – Visiting Düsseldorf
07/21 – Visiting Köln (or is it Cologne?)
07/22 – Driving from Köln to Frankfurt am Main, and hanging around the latter
07/23 – Flying from Frankfurt, Germany to New York City, USA
07/23 – Driving from NYC to Northern Virginia

Any affiliate marketers in any of the above-quoted towns, drop me an email. I’d be happy to meet with you over beer, coffee, or whatever is being drunk in your neck of the woods.

2 thoughts on “My Five-Day Road/Air Trip

  1. Yes, will definitely have to visit Berlin some time too.

    Didn’t realize that the friends we’re visiting today (they are in Düren) live so close to Holland. Might as well drive over the border to visit the country of Marco van Basten, Dick Advocaat, Guus Hiddink.

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