Ingenious Idea of Self-Assembly Furniture

Self-assembly furnitureWe were looking to organize a bunch of stuff (my tools, fishing accessories, bags, cleaning supplies, etc) that has piled up in the corners of our laundry room over the past year and a half. Well, my wife was… I suggested the modular wire shelving, but she likes to keep stuff in aesthetically pleasing furniture, and so we looked all around the place, trying to find affordable, spacious, yet good-looking piece of furniture suitable for the storage needs we’ve had. She finally found this 5-shelves bookcase at Target: white, with pillar molding on each side, yet right within our price range.

I have just finished assembling it, and we are utterly pleased with the result (how it looks, and how beautifully it fits into the small room, yet being high enough to fit everything it had to fit).

As I was working on it, with my little six-year-old Princess assisting me literally on every step of the process, I couldn’t help but be once again amazed at how ingenious the idea of self-assembly furniture really is! It must be very inexpensive to manufacture (hence, affordable to buy), and it is so easy to put together that a six-year-old can do it!

End results: (i) manufacturer is happy, (ii) distributor is happy, (iii) customer is happy.  Stress the “inexpensive” part through your marketing, and you’ve got an extremely successful company (implying IKEA, of course), even though, frankly, their furniture is frequently not as inexpensive and they make it sound.

The fact I was sold 8 pieces of painted wooden fiberboard (not even wood) and a pound of screws, bolts and nuts for $150, and this made me as happy as I am now is a business miracle in itself.

Today’s market, where people are looking for ways to save money, may quite possibly be the best time ever for this type of products (not only furniture, but anything else that the consumer would be able to “assemble” themselves). Are you selling something like this through your affiliate websites?

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