Back From My Florida Keys Vacation

Many of you have noticed the lack of my blog posts lately, and contacted me to make sure I’m okay. I appreciate the care. I have truly been fine. Just decided to take a break from everything (computer included), and after 455 days of non-stop blogging, I stopped… But now that I’m back form my travels, my blogging is back too!

To give you a brief account of what’s been going on, I went down to the Florida Keys, and enjoyed some sun, sea, and quality time with my family. We drove down to the Florida Keys (where we stayed at the Hawks Cay resort in Duck Key, FL), which took us some 18 hours of driving each way, or  some 2,300 miles (c. 3,700 km) total. On the way there we spent a night over in Jacksonville, FL; whereas on the way back we rested in Savannah, GA. Regardless of my brief visits to these cities, they both left me wanting to come back some time soon.

Many of my readers have asked me to take pictures while in the Keys, and I did. Here are just a few I’d like to share with you:

Enjoying an Evening Walk

Nature of Florida Keys

Princess Playing with Dolphins

Playing with Dolphins in FL Keys



…and, of course, Fishing

Fishing Florida Keys

Overall, it was a very good trip. The driving was not as tiring as I initially expected, and while the resort did not meet my expectations, the nature and the very unique charm of the Keys certainly did.

4 thoughts on “Back From My Florida Keys Vacation”

  1. Keys are great – used to live there for a bit. Put Charleston, SC on your list if you’re going to be poking around Savannah – very similar town but less run-down. Only about an hour off 95, too.

  2. Matt, funny you should mention Charleston. Another good friend of mine has mentioned it to me on Facebook when I posted about Savannah. I absolutely love Charleston too. Visited there for my first time over 10 years ago.

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