Affiliate Idea Born on Father's Day 2010

This past Sunday (July 20) was Father’s Day in the U.S., and I got some amazing gifts. The best of them were made by the little hands of my precious daughter. On that Sunday morning I posted on my Facebook profile:

Father's Day Facebook post

I am sure those of you who have kids can identify with what I mean here.

Then I thought of this as a marketer over the next few days, and it occurred to me that if you take all of the positivity of this sentiment, add the ever-present desire to save money (a combination of these two tells me that the demand for self-made gifts will never cease), then buy a suitable domain ( is still avaible; see below), and put up a content website on homemade gifts, it’ll find its audience!

Available domain name

How will you monetize it?


Just look at the popularity of arts and crafts supplies:

Crafts supplies keywords

There are millions of people searching for them online on a monthly basis. Literally millions!

If you start a website dedicated to homemade gifts and gift ideas (don’t forget to make it as interactive as possible too), selling arts and crafts supplies on the same website would be a very logical thing, and a great way to monetize such website’s traffic.

Most of the crafts supplies merchants are paying a range of 10%-12% commissions, and many have EPC figures of $40 or higher.

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  1. I’m with you on this Geno. I’ve received several pieces of original hand-made artwork from my brilliant 4 year old this week that were all given to me for Fathers Day. Your website idea would make a great one for content generation and social.

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