We Have a Lot to Learn from Children

A number of my blog readers have contacted me wondering why there was no blog post from me on Saturday, checking if everything is okay with me. Everything is indeed okay. I was just traveling for the most part of the day on Friday, arriving back into the United States late at night — tired, jet lagged, and ready for a day of rest and revitalizing my house after over two months of absence, which took all of my Saturday. The news of Hurricane Earl — which was expected to swipe through the East Coast of the United States, and hit the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions exactly on the afternoon we were landing — were quite bothersome, but the hurricane ended up “barely skirting the East Coast” bringing “only good waves for surfers and beautiful end-of-summer weather” [source]. One of our flights (we landed in New York, and had a connecting flight from there to DC) was delayed by a couple of hours, plus one of our three suitcases came on the following plane (but got delivered to our house during the night! excellent service, American Airlines, thank you!), but all of this was a small price we were more than prepared to pay while contemplating the possible scenarios that could delay our whole three-flights trip due to the hurricane.

During the trip I’ve read a new marketing book published by Wiley (more on it tomorrow), but most importantly, got to spend a lot of time with my six-year-old little Princess. She normally sleeps at least for some time during the transatlantic flight, but this time, she didn’t (still handling the whole long trip (20+ hours) gorgeously); and I was happy to spend that time with her.

One thing that the time spent with my daughter reminded me of is how much I have to learn from her. The purity and sincerity, the constant curiosity and openness to learning — all of these things, and much more, we can learn from them, from our little children.

Earlier today I was watching TV, and learned that the video cameras they use to produce TV shows have to be “shown” a white sheet of paper prior to shooting an episode. Apparently, this is done so that the camera “forgets” all “previously-seen” colors, and can portray everything it films in an authentic way. What an illustration for me! In the same way, I should be learning (all of the things described above) from my daughter…

We’re in the middle of a long weekend in the U.S. now. If you’re also enjoying this little break, spend more time with the little ones too. This will be the time spent wisely.

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