Princess' Sickness Delays My Arrival to Affiliate Summit

This morning was off to a rough start: with my little Princess — who was (and actually still is) meant to accompany me and my wife on our trip to Las Vegas (to Affiliate Summit West 2011) — waking up with a fever and nausea. I had to make a decision quick as we had a morning flight to catch. By now many of you already know what I decided to do (family always comes first for me) as it’s been some time since I have posted the following on my Facebook wall:

Prussakov on Facebook

She is feeling better by now (after much sleep and a couple doses of medication), and we’re happy it isn’t a stomach flu. Her organism is obviously fighting a bug (hence the fever), but we all hope she will feel much better by tomorrow morning. I would hate to fly without her, as she’s been counting days till this trip for a few months (we have tickets for two shows in Vegas, including Cirque du Solleil’s famous “O” performance at Bellagio).

I thank everyone who treated the situation with understanding both accommodating rescheduling of meetings I’ve had planned for Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, and expressing your words of support and encouragement. Both myself and the Princess appreciate it very very much.

Have a good weekend, stay warm and healthy!

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