How Affiliate Marketing Works (Infographic)

Yesterday Performance Marketing Insights (a new conference by A4u) published an interesting infographic.


It is a pretty basic one, but gives one a good high-level view of “the performance marketing ecosystem.”

I have discussed this infographic with A4u’s Content Director, Chris Johnson. Chris has confirmed that their goal was to offer people an overview, or a “top-line diagram that can explain to anyone new or interested in the channel in layman’s terms how the fundamentals of performance marketing work.”

Needless to say, I was thrilled to see AM Navigator’s logo in the “Agency” box…

Here’s the full infographic:


I also have a free Performance Marketing Insights pass to give away to the first person who can tell which panel I am taking part in at this conference. Post your guess in the “Comments” below.

6 thoughts on “How Affiliate Marketing Works (Infographic)”

  1. Rick Magennis

    Where should networks invest their resources in 2013 is the panel you are speaking on.

    Rick Magennis

  2. Very interesting infographic.

    I do wonder however why Acquisio is in the agencies section. From what I know, they’re a technology provider. Unless they offer management services as well, but that’s not mentioned on their website.

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