Affiliate Marketing Opportunities You Should Seriously Consider

Many eCommerce companies are set to flourish during this era of increased online shopping, presenting excellent revenue potential in products, and services that best meet the shelter-in-place customers’ needs. Among the top categories set to weather the impact of COVID-19 are home and garden, food, delivery, health, financial, insurance, and education, to name but a few.

Today we’d like to present five affiliate programs to you — each of which represents a niche we recommend you seriously consider.

Gifts Affiliate Program: Crystal Clear Memories

Crystal Clear Memories

  • Commissions: up to 15%
  • Cookie Life: 30 days
  • Join it at ShareASale

Gifts that bring loved ones closer are trending upward! reported sales are higher now than at Christmas. As we gear up for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and head into bridal and anniversary season, their 3D crystal photo gifts are converting at 5-6% with a $130 AOV.

For a limited time, get double commission when you get active within the first month.

eCommerce Fulfillment Affiliate Program: Deliverr


  • Commissions: $300 per referral
  • Cookie Life: 90 days
  • Learn more & join here

Deliverr is one company positioned for sustainable earnings. It offers fast, dependable fulfillment for online sellers of Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, and Wish stores. Online sellers rely on Deliverr for outsourced fulfillment thanks to its clear pricing, easy onboarding, fast shipping badging and a hassle-free experience.

If you’re capable of capturing the interest of business-minded online sellers, then this affiliate program is for you. You’ll earn money each time a qualifying merchant referral begins to fulfill with Deliverr. No capped earnings. Just reliable tracking, dedicated support, and on-time payments.

Mattress Affiliate Program: IDLE Sleep

  • Commissions: up to 25%
  • Cookie Life: 180 days
  • Also: $150 first-sale bonus
  • Join it at ShareASale

Amid this pandemic crisis, many industries are going through quite unpleasant turbulences. At the same time, the mattress vertical experiences a notable shift from offline to online (as more and more people turn to the Internet in search for the next mattress to buy).

While many merchants are dropping commissions or pausing their programs altogether, IDLE Sleep continues to offer the most generous affiliate program in mattress/sleep niche, paying as much as up to $425 per mattress sold. This is a perfect opportunity for multiplying the super-demand by the super-commissions and earning literally thousands of dollars.

There will be much more to see in the next few months, including a major nationwide marketing campaign to be launched by IDLE Sleep on May 1, 2020, and bringing a significant surge in search volume and traffic to reviews. With the incredibly high commission rates and all the exposure that’s coming up, IDLE Sleep’s partners are bound to succeed.

Essential Goods Affiliate Program: PlasticPlace


  • Commissions: up to 10%
  • Cookie Life: 45 days
  • Join it at ShareASale

Basic living items that keep families and businesses running, are also in focus. Companies like PlasticPlace deliver essential goods that every home and business in America needs.

Their extensive product range includes; classic black trash bags, trash bags for rollaway carts, contractor bags, drawstring bags, high density bags, colored and printed bags and much more! Whether its for home or business, customers love their customer service and products and not only do they provide free shipping, if customers order before 2 pm EST, they will ship the same day.

Travel Insurance Affiliate Program: Travelex Insurance

Travelex Insurance Services

  • Commissions: up $25 per sale
  • Cookie Life: 45 days
  • Join it at CJ Affiliate

Due to the travel restrictions the pandemic brought about, promoting travel insurance services may seem like a bad idea. It isn’t, for two important reasons:

  1. After weeks or months of being forced to stay home, as soon as the restrictions are lifted, people can’t wait to start travelling again. They are already making plans and reservations for trips they postponed and vacations meant to celebrate their regained freedom. As a result, travel insurance policy sales are slowly picking up again and the trend will surely continue.
  2. If the pandemic taught travelers anything, it is the importance of being able to cancel trips without losing money and benefit from medical services in case of emergencies. That’s precisely what travel insurance provides, so, by promoting such services you’d be answering a clear need.

While many travel insurance companies have changed their policies to exclude coronavirus coverage, Travelex Insurance Services stood by their customers. They are also one of the best-reputed travel insurance providers in the U.S. and have some of the highest payouts in the industry.

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Opportunities You Should Seriously Consider”

  1. The 180 day cookie policy of Idle Sleep and generous commissions make it very a interesting affiliate programs, although other programs are also quite good. Since there has been many successful social media campaigns by mattress providers, this makes it quite a good niche to enter.

    1. Wajahath, I couldn’t agree more! Having worked as an affiliate program manager for nearly two decades, and having built several successful affiliate programs in the mattress niche, I can say that I’ve never seen an affiliate program as attractive as Idle Sleep’s. This one is definitely going to be among ShareASale’s Top 10 one day. The others are very good too, but this one is a gem not to miss.

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