Thought Leader Endorsements

I've known Geno for years, and he eats and breaths affiliate marketing day and night. Geno's track record in affiliate success and his passion for sharing his knowledge is second to none. If you need to guarantee your success with affiliate marketing invest in his services before your competitors do.
- Bryan Eisenberg,
Geno is an affiliate marketing thought leader who routinely shares quality information through his blog, magazine articles, speaking engagements, and other venues. If you're not paying attention to what Geno is saying, you ought to be.
- Shawn Collins, Affiliate Summit
Geno is a leading voice in affiliate marketing and an expert at putting his own advice into practice. Don't let the polished and professional demeanor fool you. Geno has a serious will to win that's reflected in the success of his programs. And he's got a Rolodex in the performance marketing space that would make Anthony Robbins look like a loner. Geno's professionalism, integrity, deep industry expertise and open communication style make him the first stop for launching new affiliate programs or driving more revenue from existing campaigns. If you're not getting Geno's input, you're almost certainly leaving money on the table.
- Jason Spievak, Invoca
There are a few particular qualities that make a very successful affiliate manager. These include tenacity, drive, the ability to motivate others, an outgoing personality, a hint of teflon, fairness, and generosity. Well, I can attest that Geno has all of them. This has been also obviously expressed by his programs' performance and growth as well as with his affiliates' increased earnings. Geno would be my choice in revitalizing a program, or even better yet, launching a new one; cause with him - he's ready at the helm to steer the program to success.
- Haiko de Poel Jr.,
Geno has cultivated essential skills necessary in the role of OPM to facilitate affiliate relationships for the programs managed for his clients. He has developed strong affiliate relations based on his professionalism, integrity, open communications and knowledge of the Affiliate Marketing Industry. He possesses skills to assist merchants in maximizing the ROI and increasing their revenue stream of their Affiliate program.
- Kellie Stevens,
Geno's academic approach to the online marketing industry sets him apart from his peers. He is both a student and a teacher -- always striving to learn more and always willing to teach others what he has learned. If anyone deserves an honorary Ph.D. in online marketing, it would be Geno. His contributions to the online marketing industry have helped many develop an appreciation for his passion and commitment.
- Todd Crawford, Impact Radius
Geno brings a rare mix of talents to his work: one of the brightest in the affiliate world, he has a broad range of business experience that enables him to see opportunities others might overlook. But moreover his helpful nature coupled with a clear, easy-going communication style enables him to show others those opportunities easily. In my experience with Geno he's demonstrated a strong follow-through on his commitments that should be the envy of business people in any industry. When Geno tells me he'll do something, I can rest assured that it'll be done well and before any deadline. Extra bonus points that he's also fun to work with. His good humor and boundless energy make working with him as enjoyable as it is productive.
- Richard Gaskin, Fourth World Media Corporation,
Geno is one of the most enthusiastic AM's I've ever worked with! He is hard working and always looking for new ways for promote his programs and help affiliates succeed. He does a great job helping his affiliates and motivating them to perform to the maximum in his affiliate programs.
- Asif Malik,