Affiliate Manager Testimonials


Clyde Fernandes

When I find myself in times of trouble, Geno Prussakov comes to me, whispering words of wisdom..... In the competitive world of Internet marketing, it is easy to face a situation that puts you through a thorough test. Whenever I am in doubt, I know that I can count on the AM Navigator to guide me through with a smile. Although Geno has a vast experience with affiliate marketing he is a down-to-earth kind of guy and though I have not yet met him in person, he still broadcasts his helpful and friendly aura through the Internet with ease. Thank you for all your help Geno!! Your help has made me manage my program better.


Dan Ushman

Geno is an experienced and talented affiliate manager. I have been extremely impressed with his level of interest and personal dedication to his clients.

Hometown Quotes

Matt McWilliams


What can I say about Geno that is not summed up by saying he is definitely one of the BEST affiliate managers out there. He wrote the book...literally. He is one of the most helpful people I have ever known. The truth is, I am as good as I am because I copy so much of what he does. In my opinion, there is no better affiliate manager out there.


Neil Hart

As a merchant for a leading skin care brand and part time AM, I have had the pleasure of knowing and personaly meeting Geno for almost 2 years. I can only say that I found him to be nothing less than genuine. I would have no problems leaving him in charge of the Plazan program anyday.