Influencer Marketing Management

Success of any influencer marketing campaign is directly tied to making educated decisions. Below we explain how we handle influencer campaigns.

How It Works

In its prototypical form, an AM Navigator-managed influencer marketing campaign encompasses 7 phases:

  • 1

    Goal Setting

    At this stage, collaboratively with the client, we align on:

    1. Campaign's primary objectives,
    2. Desired influencer actions,
    3. Metrics against which the performance of the campaign will be measured.
  • 2

    Goal-Influencer Matching

    At the second phase, we decide on the influencers partnering with which will best-correspond to the objectives that the client has for the campaign. At this stage, we discuss:

    1. Platforms to focus on,
    2. Influencers' optimal reach,
    3. Engagement rate(s).
  • 3

    Influencer Identification (and Scoring)

    This phase is about prospecting for the right influencers, and analyzing their potential to determine which of them best correspond to the objectives of the influencer marketing campaign in question.

  • 4

    Influencer Outreach (and Onboarding)

    Using all available communication means, AM Navigator then makes contact with the prospects, and works on getting them aboard the influencer marketing campaign. Besides tools, at this phase we also actively utilize our existing relationships as well as follow-ups.

  • 5

    Influencer Activation

    An onboarded influencer who is inactive (i.e. not promoting the advertiser) is hardly different from a pure "prospect". Therefore, at the fifth stage of influencer campaign management, we take great pains to (a) empower, and (b) encourage the onboarded influencers to activate (clearly defining what constitutes "activation" and we offer in return).

  • 6

    Collaboration & Amplification

    This step is very frequently-overlooked by influencer marketing managers. In part, it overlaps with the preceding one. Collaboration with influencers (on content creation, visual materials, etc) helps create the optimal and resonating brand messaging; while amplification of the influencer's efforts reinforces its effect.

  • 7


    At the seventh, and final, phase, we measure the output of the influencer marketing campaign looking back at the originally-set objectives and analyzing what the respective key performance indicators tell us about the campaign's performance. Detailed reporting is then provided to the client.

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