Affiliate Testimonials

Rexanne Mancini

Rexanne Mancini

In more than 8 years, Geno Prussakov is one of the best affiliate managers I've worked with. His enthusiasm and encouragement are rare gems in this business. I always know what and how I should be marketing his various programs and products. Geno's proactive, hands-on approach with his affiliate partners is unprecedented. I would sign up with any program he manages because I know Geno would make sure they're successful and properly run.

Michael Coley

Michael Coley

Geno is one of the most dedicated affiliate managers I've ever worked with! He's always coming up with new ways to motivate his affiliates, and he goes out of his way to make sure affiliates have everything they need.

Irfan Danawala

Geno is always very helpful, sharing the wealth of his affiliate marketing knowledge with affiliates who seek help from him. He is always quick in responding, which to me personally is extremely important. Also, having read his book on affiliate program management I believe that it will take quite some time before anybody beats that book of Geno's. I believe him to be one of the superstars of affiliate industry.

Mike Hyland

Mike Hyland

It's not surprising to find that the "secret sauce", behind high converting successful affiliate programs, is an OPM firm obsessed with rewarding targeted physical click referral traffic. I find Geno Prussakov is an expert at maximizing the earning power, of even the low traffic affiliate, by coaching them in focusing the shopper with great creatives before the click through. Then the fine tuned merchant landing pages take over the conversion process by not wasting the shoppers time with undue distractions. No tricks necessary if the AM knows there's real value at the end of every click.

Elizabeth Stolze

In 2+ years as an affiliate marketer, I have never had an affiliate manager as helpful and professional, as well as friendly and compassionate, as Geno has proven to be. He always goes above and beyond the call of duty to work with each individual affiliate, creating a trusting, lucrative partnership. Not satisfied with simply managing from afar as many AMs in this business are, Geno is hands-on in his managerial approach, and always accessible to affiliates. Any program that Geno runs is a program worth promoting.

Judi Moore

Judi More

Geno was one of the first Affiliate Managers to take a direct interest in my success. He was quick to give me direct, honest answers and challenge me to build my business with his help. His professional, but fun attitude and boundless energy keep me motivated. He's always hard at work providing reasons to promote specific products and contests, bonuses and fun events to keep the interest high. He provides the information and specific tools needed to get a running start and then he stays in the game, applauding the success, rewarding the effort and tweaking the details to make it better. As an affiliate, I know I can count on Geno to chase down an answer, fix a problem, communicate quickly and honestly, and make it all more fun at the same time.

Mike Allen

Mike Allen, LLC

Geno is an affiliate marketing expert. Not only does he blog extensively on affiliate topics, but he has written two books on the subject. As an affiliate manager he is responsive and trusted. As an individual, he is well-respected by his peers and a leader within our industry.