AM Navigator offers an array of marketing services, primarily focusing on all things affiliate marketing. We have split these into six major groups which you may study below. Just pick the one that’s of interest to you and proceed to the relevant section.

Advanced Affiliate Program Audit

Comprehensive affiliate program audit covering 10 key elements of your affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate Program Management

Tailored to your objectives and handled by a dedicated affiliate program manager.

Public Speaking & Training

Geno Prussakov is well-known for his public speaking and educational activities.

Affiliate Program (Re)Launch

We can help you set up a new affiliate marketing program or re-launch one that has been neglected.

Influencer Marketing Management

Our influencer campaign management services always have your goals and objectives in mind.

Affiliate Marketing Consulting (n/a)

You deserve more than just “expert advice” or “consulting.” We deliver much more.

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We’re so confident that you’ll benefit from our services that we are happy to analyze your affiliate marketing efforts and provide you a quote on improving what you do. Just provide us with the details, and we’ll either set up an exploratory call or give you our free quote right away.

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