Affiliate Program (Re)Launch

Whether you look to set up a brand new affiliate marketing program or breathe new life into an existing one, we can help you with both.

How It Works

Our comprehensive affiliate program setup and launch plan covers the following key elements:

  • Pre-Launch:

    • Consultations on affiliate payment models to employ;
    • Competitive intelligence analysis (high level analysis of immediate competitors who run affiliate programs, or closely related merchants);
    • Negotiation(s) of preferred affiliate platform (in-house or network) rate for the client as brought aboard by AM Navigator (we have wholesale discounts with all major platforms).

  • Setup:

    • Recommendations on structuring affiliate payouts (including bonuses and/or tiered commissions/payouts);
    • Recommendations on the length of affiliate cookie life;
    • Locking period considerations and recommendations;
    • Consultations on creative development;
    • Compilation of affiliate program's Terms of Service, related policies, search guidelines, and any special Terms and Conditions;
    • Creation of keyword list (for affiliates to find the program within the platform);
      Recommendations and implementation on automation of affiliate approval (i.e. setting up rules);
    • Copywriting/creation of:
      • Affiliate program description/bio page,
      • Email received by affiliates upon applying into the affiliate program,
      • Email received upon approval into the program,
      • Email received upon being declined from the program
      • Uploading and deep-linking of banners;
      • Uploading and deep-linking of text links;
      • Recommendations on coupon strategy

  • Launch:

    • Requesting activation of the affiliate program;
    • Announcing the launch of the program via AM Navigator's social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)

  • Post-Launch:

    • Detailed advice on tools to monitor policies-specific compliance

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Be it a new set up or a re-launch, contact us and we'll work with you on the details.

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