Awards & Acknowledgements

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Nominations & Finalists

  • Finalist for the “Affiliate Manager of the Year” 2013 award by Affiliate Summit
  • Nominated as Small Business Influencer 2012
  • Finalist for the “Best Blogger” 2011 award by Affiliate Summit
  • Finalist for the “Best Blogger” 2010 award by Affiliate Summit

#1 Rankings


  • “Best Affiliate Marketing Blogger” 2011 award by The Affiliate Marketing Awards
  • Winner of 2013 Small Business Books award (“Classics” category)
  • “Best Affiliate Blogger” 2010 award by Search & Social
  • Third place in the “Best Service to the Industry” 2009 category at ABestWeb
  • "Best Outsourced Affiliate Program Manager of 2008" award by ABestWeb
  • "Best Outsourced Affiliate Program Manager of 2007" award by ABestWeb
  • "Best Outsourced Affiliate Program Manager of 2006" award by ABestWeb


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