Client Testimonials


Mike Smith

Geno Prussakov is an indisputable expert in affiliate marketing. During the time of his management of our affiliate program we successfully implemented his ideas, and the success extended to our Forbes advertising clients including Experian, Microsoft, Facebook, and others. I strongly and confidently recommend his services.


Eric Polatty


Barely two weeks into being handed responsibilities for Medifast's affiliate program in March 2013, our affiliate agency at the time quit without any notice in the middle of the month. This was extremely unfortunate as I did not have direct experience with affiliate marketing, and was already running the Paid Search and Display programs. I asked Brad Geddes of for a recommendation, and Geno's name came up. Signing with AM Navigator for Outsourced Affiliate Management has been one of the best decisions I've made. AM Navigator has provided superior management at a lower cost than the prior firm. They have long-standing relationships with the major networks, which I've found to be extremely valuable. More importantly, we found the prior firm was gaming the system by letting select affiliates questionable tactics, taking commissions for millions of dollars in non-incremental sales. AM Navigator did a great job at identifying the problem affiliates and cleaning up our system so that only affiliates driving legitimate traffic remained in the system and the program has experienced consistent growth. I highly recommend AM Navigator's services - they are the white knights of the affiliate marketing industry.

Taylor Barnett

Through his endless energy and enthusiasm, Geno helped grow our sales by almost 10% in our first month! Geno's aggressive, fast-paced management style got our program up and running quicker than we had ever expected. We would highly recommend his management services to anyone!


Giotto De Filippi


Evgenii is a great affiliate manager. He has been working with me on the Skype affiliate program and has done a great work. I highly recommend him.


Julie Fredrickson

Stowaway Cosmetics

I adore working with AM Navigator, because it means that we get a referral and affiliate program that "just works" without taxing the bandwidth of our startup team. I'd recommend Geno and his team any day!


Jesse Lane


Geno was absolutely the right partner for DaySpring. When we first came to Geno, we were very new to affiliate marketing and he came along side us and guided us through the successful launch of our program. Geno strives for excellence in everything he does and is professional in his approach to every project; big and small. He has gone over and above what we have asked from him and has helped us achieve great growth in our program and increasing profitability. He is a trusted name in the industry and an expert at what he does. Geno is a pleasure to work with and I recommend him with confidence.

Travelex Insurance

Christine Buggy

Travelex Insurance Services

AM Navigator's work with our program has made a significant difference in our ecommerce business. Since AM Navigator joined the team, affiliate numbers and sales have risen quickly, indicating the program’s successful traction. All marketing efforts have taken on a much more professional vibe, thanks to AM Navigator's resourcefulness, creativity, and proactive communication.

Antonio Rey

Barton Publishing

AM Navigator has represented our brand as our ShareASale management company. They handle all the ins and outs of daily affiliate management and have done a great job of growing our presence (as well as our bottom line) through affiliate marketing. I can easily recommend them.


Erik Harbison

AWeber Communication

 Geno and his team were a tremendous asset in helping us iterate on our affiliate program. His insights and recommendations were key contributions to improving the effectiveness of our affiliate relationships. Geno is smart, sharp and someone that can definitely help you find more improvements in your current affiliate program.


Trevor A. Schain

I've known Geno for years, as one of the leaders in the affiliate space and the man who literally wrote the book on Affiliate Management; it was a no-brainer who to hire to do a comprehensive analysis and audit of our affiliate program. With minimal effort on our side, the AM Navigator team dove head first and uncovered gems we were blind to for years. Having a fresh set of eyes and experts review your affiliate program from A to Z is something every company should do. Despite your best efforts, managing something every day causes you to be too close and overlook obvious things. The AM Navigator team identified key areas where we're able to attack low hanging fruit and improve the performance and ROI of our affiliate program, not just for us (the merchant) but additionally, for our partners (publishers). We believe that our affiliate program's success is a two-way partnership; our publisher's success is our success and AM Navigator assisted us in uncovering opportunities for both parties.

Donna Lynes

Affiliate marketing is unlike other online marketing. Signing on with a reputable affiliate software company is just the beginning. Affiliate programs must be managed with consistent high quality communication, compelling promos, and tools. We were thrilled to find Geno to do this job for us. His energetic, self-motivated style comes through in his highly effective communication. He has demonstrated originality in developing incentives and rewards to get the attention of affiliates. He is dedicated, driven and focused. Although our program is still very young, we are pleased with the results to date. We highly recommend Geno.