Outsourced Affiliate Marketing Program Management

When sailing in the vast ocean of Affiliate Marketing, images of the infamous Titanic come to mind. We are here to help your ship safely sail such dark and murky waters and to put your mind at ease. We'll help you avoid deadly underwater reefs and treacherous icebergs steering your affiliate program to success.

Affiliate Program Audit
Our comprehensive affiliate program audit covers the following 10 key elements of the program:   1) Audit of program policies and Terms of Service (if you don't have any, we'll provide you with one to implement); 2) Review of affiliate...
Affiliate Program Management
LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get 1 month of free affiliate program management on any new annual contract with code B12G1F   We believe that affiliate program manager’s responsibilities fall into 5 major areas: (1) affiliate recruitment, (2) ...
Affiliate Marketing Consulting
AM Navigator is owned by Geno Prussakov. As an affiliate marketing consultant, he has contributed to the online marketing success of such companies as Forbes, MetLife, Nokia, Hallmark, Skype, Medifast, and hundreds of small businesses. He has...
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