Conference Presentations

These may be arranged with Geno directly. For the schedule of his upcoming and past speaking engagements, visit his website here.


Educational sessions (from several hours to several days long) on affiliate marketing and program management may also be arranged with us via email.

Affiliate Program Management

Through our Affilinomics branch we also provide state of the art full Outsourced Affiliate Program Launch & Management solutions. This includes, but is certainly not limited to the following:

Affiliate Program Pre-Launch, Launch or Re-Launch

  • Pre-launch competition analysis and all-encompassing consultations on the new program setup
  • New program launch and initial affiliate recruitment
  • We also re-launch older affiliate programs that require prior overall optimization, activation of existing stagnant affiliates and/or additional motivation of existing active ones

Ongoing Affiliate Program Management

  • Consultations on creative development
  • Datafeed services (programming by our staff) - FREE on some compensation packages
  • Identifying and recruiting new affiliates
  • Maintaining stimulating relationships with the current affiliates
  • Developing and monitoring affiliate promotions
  • Reporting for affiliate marketing promotions and activity
  • Maintaining on-going communication campaigns
  • Identifying and implementing other opportunities to enhance the affiliate program
  • Keeping affiliates up to date on new products and any program enhancements
  • Policing unacceptable affiliate PPC bidding behavior and monitoring affiliate link placements
  • Continually motivating affiliates to perform better
  • Keeping track of affiliate sales and paying affiliates in a timely manner (for in-house affiliate programs)
  • Monitoring and reporting on competitors' affiliate campaigns and promotions
  • Ongoing phone, e-mail and IM merchant consultations on optimizing affiliate program's ROI
  • 7-days-a-week affiliate support by phone, e-mail and IMs

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