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Evgenii "Geno" PrussakovEvgenii “Geno” Prussakov is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, acclaimed author, international speaker, award-winning affiliate blogger, marketing consultant, founder and CEO of AM Navigator affiliate management agency, founder and chair of two conferences: Affiliate Management Days and Influencer Marketing Days, and regular contributor to a wide number of industry publications.

More details below, but should you be interested in having Geno manage your affiliate program, consult you on any affiliate marketing questions, interview him, or have him speak at your event, you may email him directly now.

On a more personal note…

I work as an affiliate marketing manager and online marketing consultant, and most of all I enjoy writing, consulting, speaking, and blogging.

I am blessed to have a gorgeous wife and the most beautiful daughter in the world.

I also love to kayak and fish. Mostly, it’s freshwater kayaking and fishing. When in Europe, I go after perch, pike, brown trout, and walleye; whereas while in the States, it’s rainbow trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, white perch, crappie, bluegill, and, occasionally saltwater fish (like this horse-eye jack or blue fish) too.

On a more official note…






24 Responses to “Who is Geno Prussakov?”

  1. Hello Geno,

    I read your blog and follow you on Twitter — my name is Stacey Clarke and I’m part of the team that handles PR for eBay Partner Network. I wanted to connect with you to introduce myself, and also to see if you’d like to be included in our outreach for news announcements. We’ve got a bunch of new things going on this year and I’d be happy to make sure you’re in the loop.

    One more question – do you ever do video interviews on your YouTube channel? I didn’t see any but wanted to double check.

    You’re welcome to check out my Twitter profile as well – it’s


    Stacey Clarke
    Senior Account Manager
    Just Drive Media

  2. Geno says:

    Sure, Stacey, feel free to add me to your newsletter list. Here’s my e-mail address: geno /at/ amnavigator |dot| com

    Re video interviews: not yet, but I am open to suggestions. Feel free to e-mail me.

  3. Geno, I am speaking at the Affiliate Summit in New York in August. Will you be speaking as well? If so, hopefully, we’ll have a chance to meet. I will be speaking on the upcoming convergence of MLM and affiliate marketing. (You have a great blog, Geno.)

    Best wishes,
    Debbi A. Ballard, CEO
    International Network Liaison Corporation

  4. Geno says:

    Yes, Debbi, I’ll be speaking at the upcoming Affiliate Summit East [blogged about it here]. Looking forward to listening to what you have to say in your presentation.

    Thank you for the compliments about my blog too.

  5. Eugen Potlog says:

    Hey Geno,

    I’ve just discovered your book on Amazon and it seems to be exactly what I was looking for. I’ll order it but I’m afraid it will take long time to ship in Romania (where I’m currently working and having my master degree).

    Reading your biography, I was slightly surprised to find out that you studied at State University of Moldova (I am from Chisinau).

    I am the affiliate manager of a newly launched affiliate program of the biggest online retailer in Romania. As my knowledge in this field is based on self-learning systems, I was looking for some materials to improve my experience. Hope to find lots of interesting things in your book and in this blog.

    Thank You,
    Eugen Potlog
    Affiliate Manager

  6. Geno says:

    Eugen, thank you for your comment. Looks like we’re both from the same hometown and have the same name (my full Russian name is Evgenii, which Romanians would spell like Eugen). Yes, I am a graduate of the State University of Moldova in Chisinau, and I try to come back to Kishinev (sorry for the Russian spelling, but that’s what I speak) at least once a year.

    You’re right, if you order any of my books through or, it may take quite some time to reach you in Romania. In your case I would recommend ordering my books on Amazon.FR or on Amazon.DE. It should be quicker to get them from within the EU.

    Have fun browsing around the blog, and if any questions spring up, feel free to post them in the comments area under the post that got you thinking about them. I respond to every question in a personalized and timely manner.

  7. Geno, you did a great job with your presentation at Affiliate Summit West 2010. You provided beneficial information not only for affiliate program managers, but the affiliates themselves as well as the merchants. It was nice seeing you again. (I mentioned you in the review I did about the Summit on my blog.)

    Take care,

  8. Azman Ali says:

    Hello there Geno,

    My name’s Azman Ali. I found your blog just today and found out that there is a lot of new information and knowledge that I can use to improve my internet marketing skills. I’m fairly new with affiliate marketing, only started sometime around end of 2009. Well, i guess there’s a long way to go and the information provided in your blog may come in handy. Keep up the good work.

    Azman Ali

  9. […] Geno Prussakov a récemment publié un article, que vous pouvez lire ici, portant sur les grandes lignes du rapport Affiliate Census 2009 aux USA. Il s’ est avéré que la majorité des affiliés (46 %) aient recours aux blogs comme source d’ informations liées à l’ Affiliation Web, ce qui incite les affilieurs et les plateformes d’ affiliation à se lancer dans l’ aventure du Blog Corporate dans le but de créer plus d’ interaction avec leurs affiliés. Bien qu’en Grande Bretagne, le phénomène a moins d’ ampleur qu’ aux USA, puisque les blogs viennent en troisième position comme source d’ informations pour les affiliés (15%), le Blog Corporate ne perdra pas de son importance pour les acteurs du Marketing à la performance. Tout simplement, parce que ce concept permettra aux affilieurs et aux plateformes d’ affiliation d’ assister leurs affiliés dans leur activité de veille sur les programmes, les nouvelles incentives, les nouvelles créatives… de connaître et de comprendre leurs besoins et ceux de leurs consommateurs, mieux encore de collaborer ensemble afin de lutter contre la fraude en dénonçant les malveillants et leurs pratiques frauduleuses, de s’ excuser auprès des affiliés pour un problème technique et d’ apporter des justifications si nécessaire (ben voilà le Blog Corporate est un outil de marketing de crise), de s’ engager dans la conversation en répondant aux commentaires, de recueillir le feedback des affiliés notamment en animant des sondages, etc. Sans parler d’ autres avantages résultant du Blog Corporate, comme garantir un meilleur positionnement dans les résultats des moteurs de recherche. […]

  10. […] the process of putting together Chatalyst’s affiliate program.  We’re fortunate that Geno Prussakov just authored what is sure to become the de facto standard manual on affiliate marketing for […]

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  12. […] Этот пост посвящен одному из наиболее эффективных и перспективных способов работы в партнерском маркетинге – работе с партнерскими магазинами. Посмотрите, кстати, на эту тему видео с нашего выступления на РИФ-2011 с Евгением Пруссаковым. […]

  13. Karolina Filip says:

    Hi Geno,

    Your blog is just great, really enjoyed reading your articles! Very informative.
    I came across it through a tweet left by a friend, it referred to your article about affiliate networks. This is something which highly interests me. So I thought to share with you my view on the subject of affiliate networks. My article was published in the IGB Affiliate magazine March/April p.32-33

    P.S. Though you can’t really figure it out from my name, I am also of a Russian origin, settled and living in Malta.

    Would be good to hear your opinion on my article, I shall visit your blog regularly.

    Kind regards,

  14. […] new conference founded by author and speaker Geno Prussakov has been launched and it’s made for those responsible for affiliate management (i.e. networks, […]

  15. […] Affiliate Management Days conference in San Francisco, which I believed to be a great success for Geno Prussakov’s first show ever. #AMDays is a conference dedicated solely to the education and advancement […]

  16. […] meu la aceasta editie si datorita caruia am profitat extrem de mult de aceasta experienta) si Geno Prussakov, un prieten mai vechi de-al nostru, pe care m-am bucurat enorm sa il intalnesc “pe […]

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  18. […] I quickly got pretty good at working with affiliates, won a few “affiliate manager of the year” awards, built a successful business through it, and started getting offers to manage other companies’ […]

  19. Excelent bio, Gino. Keep up the good work!

  20. Joseph Ratliff says:

    Hey Geno,

    Any chance your “Quickstart Guide” is available, or will be available in other formats? (e.g. PDF, print etc…)

  21. […] content and contributions of everyone at the conference were really strong. Thanks to Geno Prussakov and the rest of the team for a great event that always manages to bring the right people together. […]

  22. […] and serious about taking their Affiliate Marketing programs to the next level. A huge thank you to Geno Prussakov for making this […]

  23. […] Summit foi possível aprender com grandes mestres do mundo da afiliação, como por exemplo Geno Prussakov, que além de ser um escritor reconhecido no meio também é referência em consultoria na área […]

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