AffStat 2009 Affiliate Marketing Survey

In addition to the Affiliate Census that is currently being held by eConsultancy, there is another industry survey being run at this time — the AffStat Affiliate Marketing Report. During the previous years, AffStat reports focused on affiliate programs, and surveyed affiliate program managers. The 2009 AffStat survey is different. It “is focused on affiliates” and affiliate only. [more about it]

If you are an affiliate, we encourage you to take part in the AffStat 2009 Affiliate Marketing Survey. The deadline is February 28, 2009. So, make sure you participate before this winter ends.

2 thoughts on “AffStat 2009 Affiliate Marketing Survey”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Geno.

    Another big difference this year is that all of the results from the survey will be made available for free in Feedfront Magazine.

    In the past, the reports sold for over $100.

  2. Thank you for chiming in, Shawn.

    Can’t beat the “free” part! I will make sure to mention it to over 3,000 affiliates on my mailing list in the February newsletter that goes out in just a few days.

    The Freedfront Magazine that Shawn has mentioned is a free subscription affiliate marketing magazine, and you may subscribe to it here.

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