Best OPM of the Year Award, Third Time in Row…

After another fruitful year what better reward could I receive than being voted the Best Outsourced Program Manager of the Year by members of ABestWeb for the third time in a row [2006 results | 2007 results | 2008 results]?!

I am honored to be in such a fine company of other winners. Here’s the full list:

  • Best Affiliate Network –
  • Best Affiliate Manager – Kim Salvino
  • Best New Affiliate Manager – Jason Rubacky
  • Best OPM – Geno Prussakov
  • Best Improved Affiliate Program – Football Fanatics
  • Best Affiliate Program – Football Fanatics
  • Best Affiliate Tool – Popshops
  • Best Post/Thread –
  • Best Service to Industry – Mellanie Seery and The Albany Group
  • Best Tweets – Jangro’s and ToddCrawford’s
  • Best New ABW Member – Jason Rubacky
  • Best Moderator – Michael Coley [full list here]

I would like to thank all of those who voted for me. I appreciate your silent, yet such a powerful, encouragement for me to keep pressing on. Thank you very much, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Best OPM of the Year Award, Third Time in Row…”

  1. Thank you, Denis.

    And it is my pleasure. In fact, I believe that thanking an affiliate manager (or an OPM) for helping an affiliate is like thanking a painter for painting your walls. It’s his job (to paint), and this is what he is supposed to do. The quality of his work can be different though. So, while I believe that it is my duty to do what I do, I thank you for believing that I do a good work. It means a world to me.

    Thanks again.

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