Connecticut SB 806 Bill Approved. North Carolina Next?

Since the time I’ve blogged about the implications of the CA Bill AB 178 for affiliates, Melanie Seery posted the following two news: (i) Connecticut’s bill was approved in the Join Finance Committee, and (ii) North Carolina is now also looking in the same direction.

Regarding Connecticut Melanie wrote:

The  Joint Finance Committee vote was held yesterday and the bill was  approved with a vote of 53 to 0 ( 3 absent and not voting)… The joint bill is now filed with Legislative Commissioners’ Office. After fiscal analysis it will go to the Houses for vote and then on to the Governor.

ReveNews echoed her post saying:

The most significant modification to the bill was the lowering of threshold that constitutes a nexus to $2,000. This is the lowest of any of the proposed or current nexus thresholds in other states.

Also, as mentioned at the outset of this post, today we’ve seen a new state join “the growing list of states working on legislation to enact an affiliate tax” — the State of North Carolina [see details here].

Affiliate marketers keep fighting it on several levels through various groups (see my previous post), and today I have also discovered that the American Booksellers Association is actively involved in the fight too. See the Sales Tax Initiative section of their website.

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