Lots of Good Blogging Tips Floating Around

Jason Rubacky’s “unique content tips” he’s been systematically posting in ShareASale’s blog since April 17 reminded me of an one amazing post made by Rand Fishkin earlier this month. In it Rand listed and discussed 21 tips that every blogger simply must incorporate into their overall blogging strategy if they want that blog to be a success. These are great tips for affiliates to use. Here’s the list:

  1. Target Content at Those Who Can Help Spread It
  2. Reward Those Who Share
  3. Choose a Subject That Readers Can Relate To
  4. Write Exceptionally Well
  5. Author an Attention-Grabbing Title
  6. Use Illustrations/Graphics Above the Fold
  7. Don’t Just Present Information; Spark a Discussion
  8. Use Bullet Points & Short Paragraphs
  9. Don’t Make the Post Too Long
  10. Get Your Social Media Comrades to Seed the Story
  11. Publish at an Ideal Time
  12. Do Your Keyword Research
  13. Reference Blogs & Sites You Want to Link to You
  14. Keep Your URL Short
  15. Be Non-Commercial
  16. Provide Easy, Embedded Ways to Share
  17. Leverage Your Personal Social Networks
  18. Display Credibility with Your Blog/Bio
  19. Embrace Tried-and-True Formats
  20. Don’t Appropriate Cliches
  21. Be Prepared to Fail

Indulge yourself in the details — 21 Tips to Earn Links and Tweets to Your Blog Post — and if you do not have a blogging strategy yet, this is a great foundation to starting building one on.

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