Update on Affiliate Tax Bills: California, Minnesota, Maryland

On Saturday (April 25), Melanie Seery posted an update on Minnesota’s affiliate tax bill, which was voted to pass earlier that day. On that same evening Minnesota Public Radio’s reporter, Tom Scheck, reported on Twitter that the “bill needed 68 votes to pass” and “DFL Rep. Tom Rukavina orally switched his vote at last minute to get the bill passed.” The bill now moves on to the MN Senate. More in Melanie’s post here.

Today, on the other hand, a good news came from California when Lisa Picarille, Revenue Magazine’s former Editor-in-Chief, tweeted:

We are awaiting for more updates from Lisa and other affiliate marketers that are fighting the bill in California, but Maryland’s precedent set two weeks ago is certainly encouraging to us all (more on the death of MD Senate Bill 1071 in Shawn Collins’ post here). So let’s press on, folks!!

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