Affiliate Marketers are Mostly Hummingbirds

Let’s start with quick definitions first:

Lark (aka “morning person”) — individual boosting with energy from early in the morning, and not as productive late in the evening.

Owl — needs caffeine in the morning, cannot wake up without an alarm, most productive in the evenings and at late night hours.

Hummingbird — a person ready for action both early and late

A study has shown that about 10% of people “qualify as larks”, 20% follow the “more owl-ish” patterns, while the rest of the population are really hummingbirds [source].

Over the past three weeks I have been polling affiliate marketers, trying to determine whether we are mostly larks, owls or hummingbirds. The results of the poll roughly correspond to the above-quoted stats. Here’s what the pie chart has ended up look like:

So, it looks like most of affiliate marketers are also hummingbirds.

6 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketers are Mostly Hummingbirds”

  1. Gleb,

    You’ve brought up an interesting point, which pertains to a very different characteristic of hummingbirds (not the time-related one), but one that is nevertheless extremely interesting to note. Hummingbirds are territorial to the point of being extremely antisocial. They guard their territory and drive other birds out of it.

    Did you really mean to say that affiliates are generally not that way?! LOL.

  2. Denis (aka Convergence), I’m an owl too.

    Matt, I can certainly identify. I’ve led a very similar life until my daughter started preschool half a year ago. Now everyone has to be up at 7 am regardless of the time you went to sleep.

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