Borrow from Billboards: Visual Scandal & Imagination Blast

Not too long ago I posted images of 5 creative advertising ideas which caught my eye in the past.

Today Jeff Sexton of FutureNow has posted an excellent article on the why, the how, and the what for behind all of these outstanding billboards that blast our imagination, and make it click inside of mind (or make our finger click on that mouse button, or both).

Borrowing from Apple’s banner ad techniques, demonstrating his points with most vivid billboard examples and backing things up with words of  “The Father of Advertising”, David Ogilvy, Sexton advises:

  1. Make your ad a “visual scandal”
  2. It should deliver the selling promise not only in words, but also pictorially (italics mine)
  3. Use the largest possible type (this one is certainly dependent on the context)
  4. Make your brand name visible at a long distance
  5. Use strong, pure colors
  6. Never use more than three elements in your design

Read more in this excellent post: Visual Scandal, Story Appeal, and Banner Ads

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