Gander Mountain Shows Stellar Customer Service

Yesterday I’ve had a great experience at a local Gander Mountain store where I went to purchase my first kayak for an upcoming trip to the Outer Banks, NC (aka OBX). The shopping assistant spent over an hour with me, helping me pick a good kayak for fishing, and all of the necessary accessories (anchor, roof rack, etc). I also received an excellent assistance in the fishing section of the store where I had to pick my first ever saltwater fishing rod and lures. The shopping assistant knew the OBX area well, and gave me some very practical advice.

For their recent study Dave Dougherty and Ajay Murthy surveyed U.S. consumers to find out what services they want most of all. The breakdown was published in the September 2009 issue of the Harvard Business Review, and on the Harvard Business Press website, and looked as follows:

  • 65% want “knowledgeable employees”
  • 62% said they want to be treated “like a valued customer”
  • 54% want to merchants to demonstrate “desire to meet [their] needs”
  • 31% said they want “relevant/personalized service”

At Gander Mountain I have experienced all four of the above. The shopping assistant from the boating section even helped me install the rack on the roof railing of my SUV, and helped me secure the kayak on the rack. Wow. Kudos to Gander Mtn for showing an example of truly stellar customer service!

…oh, and have I mentioned that the shopping assistant from the boating section was a lady? Yep. Image that! WTG, Michelle (it’s unlikely that she’s gonna read this, but still)! Your company should be proud of you.

6 thoughts on “Gander Mountain Shows Stellar Customer Service”

  1. Justin Premick, our Education Marketing Manager is way into kayaking, too.

    Too bad you aren’t closer, you guys could hit some of the cool lakes around here.

    Kudos for good support, BTW!

  2. Hi Geno,

    If you are ever in Florida, please stop by our store in St. Augustine. Great fishing, and of course some of the oldest history in the southeast.

    Thanks for the kudos on Gander Mountain. We are all about the outdoors way of life and try to assist customers as best we can.

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