Who Benefits & Who Gets Hurt By Adware Affiliates

In continuation of my last two posts, and pondering on some of the comments at Econsultancy.com, let’s see what parties can benefit from adware pop-ups, and if anyone really gets hurt.

To begin with, let’s list who is involved in the game: (a) adware affiliate, (b) merchant,  (c) affiliate network, (d) sometimes an O(A)PM, and frequently (e) another affiliate.

A) The adware affiliate benefits from it. Period.

B) The merchant may benefit from a loyalty adware affiliate in some situations, and may be hurt by it in others. Much depends on the merchants own objectives and strategy. I am not going to comment any further on this, as much has already been illustrated in this video of mine.

C) Both the affiliate network and (D) the O(A)PM (outsourced (affiliate) program manager) can benefit financially as well.

E) What about the other affiliate?

Let’s see the following quick video:

Something is telling me that there is no way for an affiliate whose link was clicked prior to that of the adware affiliate to be a happy camper.

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