Ingenious Magazine Ad Brings Product & Deal Alive

I love beautifully created ads, and one of them was shown to me by my wife as she was browsing through the September issue of the “Parent & Child” magazine this morning. It’s an ad by Nestle, and it’s for their new snack size Drumsticks (they call the new product – Lil’ Drums). It requires the reader’s participation (you’re invited to stick your fingers through the holes in the page) to add maximum effectiveness to the ad. Here is what the page with the “actual ultra-cute size” sundae cone looks like when the reader participates:

Lil Drums ad

And on the back of the above page they offer a $1.00 coupon, and do it in a similar way:

Nestle Lil DrumsCoupon ad

Isn’t this ingenious? Fun and vivid. Certainly brings the product (and the deal!) alive for me. Way to go, Nestle!

3 thoughts on “Ingenious Magazine Ad Brings Product & Deal Alive”

  1. Exactly, Chris. Magazine ads that make you take that second look are really rare these days. You almost know what to expect, and it is always good when somebody does it in an outside-the-box way.

  2. I don’t know.

    …the next thing you know…papercut and then a big hefty lawsuit. 🙂

    Actually this is brilliant.

    An interactive ad that isn’t tacky or cumbersome?

    Excellent job, Nestle.

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