Affiliate Program Software – Options to Consider

In my post on the affiliate program setup expenses to be aware of I have mentioned that not all affiliate programs are based on affiliate networks. Many are being run in house: on self- or remotely hosted (and sometimes even internally-developed) software. Amazon and eBay, for example, run their affiliate programs in house and on their own software. While larger brands can afford to build their own affiliate program platforms, most of us would be looking for a software package to purchase and get going. It is with these merchants in mind that I have decided to put together a list of software options to consider. The below lists is 100% endorsement-free, and is arranged solely in an alphabetical order:

Shopping platforms and shopping carts with affiliate program support options:

If I have missed an option that should be included above, please post about it below, and I will add it to the appropriate list.

11 thoughts on “Affiliate Program Software – Options to Consider”

  1. Hi Geno,

    I am searching for Affiliate program and come across your blog, find it very helpful.

    I would like to look for a company who provide affiliate program are actually base in Europe, it is easier to communicate without concerning time zone differences. The 27 affiliate program above seem all from US, correct?



    1. Mimi,

      If you are looking for affiliate program software, I can recommend you Post Affiliate Pro.
      We are located in European Union (Slovakia) with 24/5 support



  2. Mimi, are you looking for an affiliate network to start your affiliate program on? I’d be happy to help, and compile a list of all major European affiliate networks for you. Just clarify your question, please.

  3. Hi Viktor,

    I have checked the feature of PAP4, not sure it will help as we want to share revenue with our affiliate base on client’s deposit in our website not via shopping.



  4. Hi Geno, congratulations for your site!
    I am looking for an affiliate software to use. My site is build on Joomla.

    I don’t need many functions, just keep track of the activity from the links or banners I give to the affiliates. I will pay a comission FOR SALE.


  5. I’d like to add that while JROX may have been a great bit of software at some point I’m utterly disgusted with what is going on with them now. I purchased their software knowing it had been around for a long time. It looked well supported and well documented. In reality it’s pretty much no longer being updated. The sales copy entices potential customers with free upgrades forever …. but what good is that if that means never because they aren’t updating it anymore?

    Also if you go on their forum, their responses to feature requests or problems with JAM are pretty much to switch to JEM. Which is where the real problem comes in.

    JEM is an over-priced inferior shopping cart with an affiliate program built into it. The shopping cart can not even compete with the lowliest of carts. But the affiliate program integrated into JEM is JAM with all the improvements one would expect it to have.

    So two things are happening here:

    1. The sales hype for JAM is such that one would think it’s still an actively supported and developed software when in reality it isn’t (oh yeah, they also won’t respond to support emails even while in the support period. Bad news.)

    2. In order to get their improved version of JAM you have to use their inferior cart… which is a choice between a decent affiliate software or a good business. To me, the choice is simple.

    It may make more sense to sell more than one package, JEM alone, JEM + Affiliate program or just the affiliate program and definitely if they are going to continue to sell JAM, they need to support it and update it.

  6. Geno,
    Thank you for this list. I would love to know which one you’d recommend for a small program (private) with under 50 people in it. I had a client say they are using WP-affiliate WordPress plugin. Do you have any opinion on plugins and this one in particular?

    Blog on,

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