Networking with Affiliate Managers

Someone was searching my blog for a phrase “networking with affiliate managers”, and I’ve decided to devote my today’s post to this. There is, in fact, a place where you can discuss affiliate program management questions with colleagues, meeting other affiliate program managers online. It is the Affiliate Program Management group that I run on LinkedIn.

Affiliate Program Management LinkedIn group

As apparent from the above screenshot, the group currently has over 500 members and includes multiple OPM’s, in-house affiliate program managers, network reps of all major affiliate networks, some affiliates, as well as other online marketing professionals. The focus of the group is on the discussion of issues pertaining to affiliate program management. The official group description says:

This group has been created for affiliate managers (working on in-house or outsourced basis), affiliates, network reps and other affiliate marketers to discuss issues related to the management of the affiliate marketing programs, and to network via LinkedIn.

You may join the group here.  Prior to posting, please read the “Group Policy” and refrain from affiliate recruitment types of posts, respecting the time and objectives of the other group members (largely, your fellow affiliate program managers).

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