Art of Soliciting Affiliate Feedback & Raising Interest

Feedback Some time ago I joined an affiliate program. I do this frequently — to analyze the styles and approaches of various affiliate program managers. I am not doing this to make money on (or promote) the merchants who run these affiliate programs. However, out of hundreds of affiliate programs who have me (an “affiliate” that sends zero clicks and refers zero sales/leads) on board, this is the first one that has asked me how they can help, and did it in a very interesting way. Here’s the text that I have received in my email two days ago:

Hi Geno,

I want to touch base with you to divulge October information as well as obtain feedback. First, let me give you the numbers for October:

– Your earned $0 in October from 0 clicks
– Eight affiliates made their first sale with us last month and earned an additional $20 bonus
– Bonus payments made up over 12% of the regular commissions paid in October

For the feedback, anything and everything is welcome; from questions to criticism. My role as affiliate manager is to make you more money. If there is something I am not doing that you want me to start doing, let me know. If I am doing something you want me to stop, tell me.

Basically, give me any feedback you want. If you respond with quality feedback for me or the program by Friday, November 6th, I will give you $5 cash! I want to encourage well-thought out feedback and not one line answers just to get the cash. This is meant to help me improve the program so you can be more successful.

Here is how you can reach me:

[contact info and the rest of the message]

This came from Patrick Vesperman of

I always say that I am not a fan of extrinsic rewards, but there is time and place for them. This is certainly one of those cases! The only thing that I would have changed in his promo is the deadline (giving people a few more days would’ve been nice). Other than that, it’s brilliant!

No, five bucks isn’t a lot of money, but fair enough for a one-liner, right? Also, it is important to mention that the MagnetStreet’s affiliate program (no, I never promote an affiliate program without a good reason, and Patrick has certainly earned this link!) is already one of the top wedding-related affiliate programs at ShareASale. However, this program manager keeps pressing on, and believes that affiliates are not making money with his affiliate program, there is something he may be doing wrong, or isn’t doing something he should be doing. Wow. Simply exemplary. Hundreds (if not thousands) of other affiliate program managers should learn from Patrick.

4 thoughts on “Art of Soliciting Affiliate Feedback & Raising Interest”

  1. Yes, that’s a very well written email. I am sure it gets a nice response. It’s always great to hear about an affiliate manager who cares about their affiliate program and affiliates. Patrick, nicely done, and Geno thanks for posting the email. It’s appreciated.

  2. My pleasure, and once again, kudos to Patrick for going an extra mile and thinking outside the box (however proverbial my words now sound, this was exactly what happened, and what made this effort stand out).

  3. @Geno – Thank you so much for this praise! It means a lot coming from you. In actuality, you had much to do with our program being successful because of your help getting this program off the ground.

    @James – Thank you!

    I certainly have much to learn and I know the affiliates in my program can teach me a lot of it. The moment I stop learning is the moment I cease to be effective.

  4. You’re more than welcome, Patrick. You’re a fast learner. Glad I was able to be of help on the setup stages, and happy to see the program grow. Onwards and upwards!!

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