Branding in the Digital Age

Digital Brands Report tweet Earlier this morning my friend and famous online marketer, Bryan Eisenberg, tweeted that Razorfish has released its 2009 Digital Brand Experience Report. I closely follow everything that Bryan says and posts (on Twitter, Facebook, or his blogs), and sure enough, this was another gem.

Browsing through this report I have found it absolutely fascinating! Richly illustrated (those illustrations are simply masterpieces, in my opinion), it brings up some extremely interesting stats. Here are just some of the facts that company owners, CEOs, CMOs (and CFOs!) must know about:

  • Digital brand experiences are not your customary “awareness” or “conversion” plays but rather: customer-creation plays (i.e. “digital brand experiences create customers”).
  • Depending on how companies treat the digital space, it can either build a brand or break it. “65% of consumers report having had a digital experience that either positively or negatively changed their opinion about a brand” and “of that group, a nearly unanimous 97% say that their digital experience influenced whether or not they eventually” made their purchase from that brand.
  • The new kind of branding/advertising is “branded experiences (or actions)” such as branded games, interaction with the consumer via social media, etc.
  • Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are quite probably “the outlet malls of tomorrow”. 44% of respondents follow brands on Twitter (and 37% “friend” brands on Facebook and MySpace) to have “access to exclusive deals”.
  • Consumers spend 34% of their total media time online and 35% watching television.
  • Customer engagement is now being largely defined in terms of social media interaction with brands.

The full 65-pages report in PDF may be found here. The above is just a sneak peak of what’s in it. I strongly recommend everyone involved in any kind of commerce to review it.

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