64% of Holiday Shopping Still Left to Be Done

Who said that past the Cyber Monday week there’s not much to fish for in the pond of holiday-oriented consumers?

Yesterday Google Retail Blog has published some staggering data: as of Sunday, December 6 2009, 64% of holiday purchases are yet left to be done. Apparently, compared to the week before Thanksgiving, the percentage has dropped only 18%:

Holiday shopping to be complete

There is still much holiday shopping left to be complete, which is encouraging news for both merchants, and affiliates.

Experience shows that with aggressive marketing, merchants can easily match (or even exceed) the Cyber Monday performance of their affiliate programs. Here’s a real life example (from the DaySpring.com’s affiliate program):

Affiliate program statistics

As obvious from the above chart, yesterday (second peak marked by an arrow) — after the announcement of their storewide “25% off” offer — has ended up being the second best day in the year for this particular affiliate program (second only to Cyber Monday).

Merchants: Get aggressive with your consumer-oriented offers!

Affiliates: Focus on well converting and highly demanded products, and keep up the hard work!

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