Bright Future for Coupon Affiliates

MediaPost has published some information that coupon affiliates should find of extreme interest. Referencing a recent report by Borrell Associates, MediaPost wrote:

…Borrell Associates estimates that the $8.3 billion value of online coupons redemptions in 2009 (including via the Internet, email and mobile) will jump more than 50% to $12.7 billion in 2010 and to $22 billion by 2014.

So the report projects a really steep growth of online coupon use: by over 50% in year 2010, and almost two-fold between 2010 and 2014.

Another interesting observation:

In explaining the growing reliance on digital distribution, Borrell pointed to a study by Nielsen partner NeuroFocus tracking consumer brainwave activity, which found that online coupons outperformed print ones in categories such as attention, emotional engagement, memory retention and effectiveness.

I am not surprised.

Neither am I surprised by the fact that most of the coupon websites quoted in MediaPost’s article are either active affiliates themselves, or are partnering with active affiliates for the distribution of online coupons. Having analyzed some of the top coupon affiliates using, here are the monthly traffic averages that I see:

  1. – 3.2M
  2. – 2.7M
  3. – 2.6M
  4. – 2.0M
  5. – 1.3M
  6. – 987.8K
  7. – 885.9K
  8. – 830.5K
  9. – 694.5K
  10. – 657.0K
  11. – 632.9K
  12. – 490.0K
  13. – 444.7K
  14. – 392.4K
  15. – 388.0K
  16. – 325.1K
  17. – 305.0K
  18. – 284.8K
  19. – 139.5K
  20. – 134.4K

With the projected growth in demand for online coupons, there is still room for new affiliate players to enter the market. While the couponing niche is already quite crowded, I do believe that there is still room for new and innovative affiliates to come in an grab their share of the pie.

3 thoughts on “Bright Future for Coupon Affiliates”

  1. Great article and a great eyeopener. I can’t believe some of these sites made it to the top 20. It makes me confident that that there is room for one more coupon site. The market is so vast and only 4 or 5 coupon sites actually are worth going to. Just started another coupon site. In 2 years, you’ll see me in the top 15. 🙂

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