Historic 2009 Snowfall in Virginia

There are different ways to look at the snowfall we’ve had in Northern Virginia between 18th and 19th December 2009. Some are attributing deaths in car crashes to it (makes me wonder if they’d do the same had it happened in a Virginia heavy autumn rain so typical of this area), others are talking about how historic this snowfall and storm are (some are reporting that that this is the most snow Virginia has seen in 30 years), yet others are just doing their best to enjoy the snow to its fullest (after all, very few lost power during the snowfall; so unless you don’t have any food left in the fridge, why despair?).

Many Virginia schools have just closed for the long three-week Winter break, and the snowfall has ushered in the Christmas time in a truly beautiful, and magical way.

Yes, it is much harder to get to (and from) my bird feeder now:

Getting to bird feeder through snow

…but I don’t mind.

Yes, there’s some snow shoveling we’ve gotta do:

Snoveling snow in Virginia

…but we don’t mind.

Of course, some may echo the words of my neighbor, but its not about me being Russian. It’s about being optimistic. 😉 By the way, the neighbor wrote under one of the pictures I posted on Facebook: “Zis is nuthin! In Russia,ve gets zis much snow as a dusting! Ze real Rus-ski’s zey can valk naked in zis minor stuff!” It’s true. Some do. No one in my family though. 🙂

Almost every weekend I make a personal blog post. I think it’s important to stay this way: personal and real.

I hope you are also enjoying your weekend, and seeing the good behind what’s happening around you.

12 thoughts on “Historic 2009 Snowfall in Virginia”

  1. Shorts in the snow? Oh my! We have been enjoying this bit of forced relaxation and family togetherness too. I do hope we can get out and about tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest though.

  2. What shorts? Oh, those… Well, I guess, I am Russian, after all. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment, Char. I hope you have good shovels. I ended up making one today.

  3. Nice… Doesn’t look like much snow for our area but looks like you guys are having fun. What’s interesting is that we usually had at least as much snow as on your pictures throughout the winter here, on a border of Washington and Idaho in Spokane, but this year we had no snow yet. Spokane feels like I am back in Tashkent these days(you probably know what I mean). 🙂 Last winter we had 5 times more than what you have now. That’s how New Year should be. 🙂

  4. Not a big snow by Russian standards………but looks like a nice one for Virginia.

    BTW……Happy belated birthday to the Princess. Hope that she enjoys the snow.

  5. Thank you very much for your comments, everyone, and special thanks to Witzer for the belated birthday wishes sent to the Princess. 🙂

    While this may not be a really big snow by Russian standards, it’s still a lot. For comparison, Moscow just got about 10 inches of snow, while Virginia got about 2 feet this past Fri-Sat. The picture of me on the deck doesn’t reflect the real amount of snow, because some of it already melted.

    The Princess couldn’t be happier. She (just like me) simply loves snow. We certainly never expected to see snow stay on the ground for three days in a row (and it looks like it won’t melt until about the 5th day), so it certainly is good fun.

  6. WOW Geno! Shorts…too tough for me bro haha.

    We got flurries for about 10 minutes Saturday night. That is the extent of the white stuff for Nashville.

    But we are going to Fort Wayne Indiana for New Years so we should get some serious snow.

    Christmas in NC is going to be 60 degrees…my kind of weather. I miss wearing shorts and T-shirts this time of year. BRRRR

  7. Yes, I remember my North Carolina winters with affection too. But I also remember the snow storm that hit the RTP area back in 1999. Back then it got about as much snow as the Mid-Atlantic region has just had!

    I hope you and Tara will have a wonderful time in Indiana. Enjoy every moment!

  8. Oh yeah…I remember that. I was in college but my dad showed me some pictures. It was incredible there.

    Thanks for the well wishes Geno. I hope that you, your wife and the Princess have a very Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  9. Ah Northern Virginia – my hometown. The last time they saw snow like that was in 1996! (wow, that sounds like one of those…when I was a kid stories) 😉 Glad to hear that you took the time to enjoy the snow rather than grumbling about all of the extra work (shoveling, etc). I think snow gives us an opportunity to act like kids again and enjoy the sledding and snowman building while it lasts!

    -Amy 🙂

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