Americans Express Opinions on Technological Developments

In the course of the past week I have come across a Pew Research Center study that examined the current decade in light of people’s opinion on various subjects, technological advances and new Internet and mobile developments included.

Speaking of “the major technological and communications advances” Pew stressed that the overwhelming number of their respondents view these in a “positive light”. More concretely:

Clear majorities see cell phones, the internet and e-mail as changes for the better, and most also view specific changes such as handheld internet devices and online shopping as beneficial trends. There is greater division of opinion, however, over whether social networking sites or internet blogs have been changes for the better or changes for the worse.

Speaking even more concretely, here’s an interesting summarizing graph (highlighting mine):

Opinions of Americans About Current Decade

You may find the full report at There’s a lot of useful information we as marketers should take note of.

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